How 3PLs Drive the Peach Harvest

Driving the Peach Harvest: How 3PLs Keep the Transportation Industry Sweet

As May stretches on, peach season blooms across the United States, bringing with it a burst of flavor and color. While Georgia may claim the title of the “Peach State,” California actually leads the nation in production. South Carolina and New Jersey are also big players in the peach industry. Beneath the peach’s vibrant surface lies a delicate balance of factors that influence the journey of these beloved fruits from orchard to table.

Challenges in Transporting Peaches

Peaches, like all stone fruits, possess a fragility that demands careful handling and transportation. Their susceptibility to various diseases, influenced by factors ranging from cultivar to climatic conditions, underscores the importance of meticulous logistics management. From bruising damage to post-harvest decay, the journey from farm to market is fraught with potential pitfalls. Furthermore, the perishability of peaches necessitates swift and precise transportation to maintain quality and freshness. Despite these challenges, JEAR still manages to move over 500 truckloads of peaches per farm between the months of May and August.

The velvety skin of peaches does more than just look pretty. Its fine hairs, called trichomes, serve as a natural defense against pests and insects while also aiding in moisture retention, ultimately enhancing the fruit’s juiciness.

Perishability of Peaches

Maximum market life for peaches is achieved through storage at around 34°F, with variations depending on cultivar and storage conditions. However, even slight deviations in temperature or handling can accelerate the onset of internal breakdown and decay. Rapid cooling post-harvest is crucial to inhibit ripening and preserve flavor, while mid-season and late-peach cultivars are particularly susceptible to chilling injury. Thus, the need for reliable transportation becomes paramount in ensuring the integrity of the fruit throughout its journey.

Ensuring Quality During Transit

To safeguard the quality of peaches during transit, reputable third-party logistics firms like JEAR Logistics implement rigorous protocols and work with experienced drivers who understand the delicate nature of the cargo. Between mandatory pre-cooling of the trailer, stringent driver vetting processes, and load bars or straps, every precaution is taken to mitigate the risk of damage and maintain product integrity. Additionally, continuous monitoring and tracking systems provide real-time insights, allowing for proactive intervention in the event of unforeseen challenges during transit.

3PL Solutions for Peach Season

Specialized refrigerated trucks—or reefers—form the backbone of peach transportation, with JEAR prioritizing the use of modern reefer units serviced within the last six months. Continuous temperature settings ensure consistent climate control, minimizing the risk of spoilage during transit. Strategic route planning further optimizes efficiency and safety, enabling drivers to navigate the fastest and safest routes.

Collaboration between farmers, distributors, and transporters is essential in orchestrating a seamless supply chain during peach season. JEAR goes above and beyond by deploying representatives to farms, providing on-site support and troubleshooting to address any issues that may arise. This hands-on approach fosters trust, cooperation, and true partnership among all stakeholders, ensuring that the journey from orchard to market is as smooth and successful as possible.

Georgia has two primary peach-growing regions. The central region stands as the largest, hosting approximately 1.6 million peach trees and contributing to 75 percent of the state’s total production. Meanwhile, the southern region yields an annual output of around 30 million pounds of peaches.


As peach season sweeps across the nation, the transportation industry plays a vital role in preserving the perfection of these fragile fruits. By embracing innovative solutions, leveraging technology, and fostering collaboration, 3PLs like JEAR uphold the integrity of the supply chain from farm to table. With their dedication to quality and reliability, they ensure that each peach arrives at its destination ready to delight consumers with its sweet, summer goodness.

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