Our Process

Moving the Pieces into Place
so You Don’t Have To

We take pride in the relationships that we build and the products that we move. When you sign on to becoming a customer with us, you trust us with your business, and we do not take this lightly. We have protocols and 24/7 live support set in place to ensure that your products and business thrive under our supervision.

As there are a lot of moving pieces behind the transportation industry, we want to relieve your stress by providing you with a personal point of contact for every load. The facilitation and maintenance of these relationships are our top priority as we want to take care of your products and you.

We have developed the support system below to better care for you and your products, as we understand that this personal relationship is of most importance, and we want to be the “chain” in supply chain management.

The JEAR Process:

Our goal is not to be the biggest but the best at moving freight and building relationships.

FTL Volume

We have the capacity for you and to grow with you.

On-Time Deliveries

We Work 24/7 to ensure a prompt and smooth delivery process.

Handle 100% of Logistics

Allows sales team more time to sale, build upon customer relationships, confidence in service and on time delivery.

Immediate Communication

Feedback on rates, pairing loads, product availability, faster solutions to any issues, and provided cost efficient options.


Rates, breakdowns, loading times, supply chain issues.


Worked together daily to achieve the same goals of customer service, communication, and growing business.

Product Integrity

JEAR has always kept and maintained product integrity

The JEAR Support System

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